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Truck Permit Packages

Our transportation department developed four (4) trucking permit packages for new business owners who are starting a transportation company. These well-developed, thorough packages are unique to our clients. California Owner operators can pick the package that fits their needs best, depending if they will be local or California operators going out of state.
payment options

Flexible Payment Options

Call us to find out about our GOLDPAY Plan and pay your permit package in 3 easy payments.

For Hire Owner Operators

Businesses in California who own commercial vehicles, hire drivers, and provide services by contract to other businesses are typically called “For Hire” or “Owner Operators”. These same businesses can choose to work within California State limits; making them “California only” or “local” drivers. Businesses must establish the driving distance clearly to ensure they are applying for the correct vehicle permits. This vital information will also be necessary when purchasing commercial auto insurance. Another important information pieces for permit application are identifying:
Failure to provide the correct or up-to-date information can be extremely costly to the business. Partner with Goldamity’s brokers to ensure accurate and current information.

Our Prices

Silver Package

(California Owner Operators - Local Only)
  • California Permits - DOT#, CA#, MCP
  • Package is for 1 driver & 1 Unit only
  • Additional fees apply for 2 or more units
  • Payment includes all fees due to State & local agencies.
  • EPN Account Setup for corporations or businesses with employees.

Bronze Package

(California Owner Operators - Local Only)
  • Setup New Business Entity with LLC or INC
  • New Tax ID (EIN) with IRS
  • California Permits: DOT#, CA#, MCP, EPN
  • Package is for 1 driver & 1 unit only
  • Additional fees apply for 2 or more units
  • Payment includes all fees due to State & local agencies.

Gold Package

(California Owner Operators Interstate)
  • Setup New Business Entity with LLC or INC
  • New Tax ID (FEIN) with IRS
  • DOT#, CA#, MCP, MC, BOC3, UCR
  • Fee for one (1) driver & one (1) commercial truck additional fees will be due for more drivers/trucks
  • Additional fees & application are due for certain states: NM, OR, KY, NY, NJ, WA

CPUC Authority

Charter - Party Carrier (TCP)
  • "A", "B" "C" Certificate
  • Any Seating Capacity
  • Round Trip Sightseeing and Individual Fares
  • Charges Based on Vehicle Mileage
  • Smaller vehicles can apply for "P" Permit, "S" Permit or "Z" Permit
  • RideShare Commercial Permit
NEW FOR 2022

International Registration Plan (IRP) Services now available instantly! *

Commercial vehicles used in two or more states save money by registering vehicles with IRP.  There are 59 jurisdictions that participate in the plan made up of 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Canadian provinces. Interstate vehicles registered with IRP will pay pro-rated registration fees to the states traveled into, instead of paying full annual registration for each state.
Get qualified:
It´s easy to get started, this is what you will need:
*Account approval by DMV may delay processing; once approved by DMV registration of vehicle, and issuance of registration inventory is issued instantly in the office.

FAQs Trucking Permits

DOT #, CA #, and MCP  to learn more about each permit by clicking here.

Any vehicle over $10,000k used private or for hire purposes.

Completed Application, payment, and MCP65

An MCP 65 is proof of insurance on a issued on a special DMV form. Only insurance companies can issue it.

You can get your permits with an ITIN # or EIN #

DOT # is instant, CA # takes 2 weeks, and MCP takes 4-6 weeks.

Your DOT needs an MCS150 every year, and MCP needs to be renewed every year and if renewed late there is a penalty 

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