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In the state of California, new businesses with commercial vehicles over 10,000 lbs are required by law, to get specific federal & state permits to operate. These permits are issued by different agencies who help regulate the safety of the business vehicles, drivers, and operations. The agencies involved in issuing these permits are:
Each agency issues a unique number or permit to each business to confirm the business is in compliance and has up-to-date paid fees required for the operation of the commercial vehicle(s). Businesses who change their business entity and have a new Tax ID Number (TIN) or Federal Employer ID Number (EIN) must reapply for new California trucking permits.

Application Process

Our staff of experienced professionals fill out the appropriate paperwork, submit the information to each agency and follow up to save business owner’s time. Trucking permit services are for new businesses in the state of California only. We may be able to assist with existing permits that are pending or expired, but are unable to assist with permits that have been previously revoked. See our step-by step guide on the permit process (listed below).


What you need in California


US DOT number


FMCSA MC authority


EPN Number


CA number





Your California trucking permit requirements will vary based on your contracting company.

Employer Pull Notice (EPN)

Businesses with employees must enroll in this program regulated by the DMV of California. The EPN program assigns a requester code to the employer . Employer is required to keep this code safe and up to date with the names and driver’s license information of all employees. Once an employee is assigned to a requester code the employer will be notified of changes to the driving record or driver’s license status. The program was created to identify driver’s with bad driving behavior, and improve public safety.

US DOT Number

A DOT# is instantly issued by the Federal Motor Safety Administration FMCSA. This unique number is assigned to a business who owns commercial vehicles weighing over 10000 lbs who are paid for the transportation of goods or people. It is important to have your business entity established for this initial step. Based on our client feedback corporate business entities have provided the best structure when the primary service involves the use of commercial vehicles. Speak to an account and lawyer for further advise on the matter. Another key component of this permit is identifying the number of drivers, units, and the type of cargo to be transported.

CA Number

CA# Form CHP362 is submitted to the California Highway Patrol. Once approved CHP will issue the business a CA #. This number creates a company profile that will help CHP enforce California State safety requirement for commercial vehicles. This inspection program was created to reduce the devastating effects of accidents caused by commercial vehicles on California’s highways. It is also an important tool used by CHP to notify organization of emergency situations involving commercial vehicles and drivers.

Motor Carrier Permit (MCP)

This permit is issued by the DMV of California as proof that the vehicle is registered in the state of California. It will be valid for a period of 12 months beginning the month the application is submitted. The state of California also requires proof of commercial auto liability insurance and worker’s compensation if the business has employees to be submitted to them through form MC65. Failure to show proof will delay the issuance of this permit. The approval ans issuance of this permit may take up to 45 days depending on DMV processing time.

Form 2290
Form 2290 is filed with the IRS to pay taxes for heavy vehicles. These taxes are paid every year in July. It takes about ten days to be verified by the IRS and is linked to your business by TIN, EIN or social security number.
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FAQs Commercial Auto Insurance

New venture is a term used to describe a new business that is applying for insurance for the first time.

For vehicles under 26,000 lbs we can accept drivers with any California driver’s license. Driver(s) of vehicles weighting or hauling over 26,000 lbs are typically required to have a “Class A” driver’s license.

This also depends on the weight of the vehicle. For vehicles under 26,000 lbs any valid California license is acceptable. For vehicles weighting or hauling over 26,000 lbs driver must have at least 3 years minimum experience. Drivers with less than 3 years of experience are still insurable but at a higher cost

No this is covered under a BOP or an inland marine policy.

Loss runs is a report form an insurance company that’s gives a summary of your commercial insurance policy. It will provide information about claim(s), policy term , and cancellation is applicable.

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