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IRP Services in the inland empire

International Registration Plan (IRP) Services are now available instantly in our office!

Goldamity is happy to announce our partnership with the California DMV to process IRP registrations. This registration service is for New California Trucking Businesses that use commercial vehicles in California, plus one or more states. We are also authorized to service existing IRP accounts with renewals, adding vehicles, removing vehicles, and much more!

DMV IRP Partnership

DMV IRP Partner

Our partnership with the DMV to offer IRP registration services allows us to save our clients time with same day services. As a partner we are permitted to remotely process and issue your apportioned plate, year stickers, and vehicle weight decals all while in our office.


Reviews from our IRP Customers.

The girls here are very helpful! Very happy with the customer service and how the attend to my needs. Been taking my business here for several years now. Thank you ladies for all your hard work!
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International Registration Plan Fees

Commercial vehicles used in two or more states save money by registering vehicles with IRP. There are 59 jurisdictions that participate in the plan.  The jurisdictions are made up of 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Canadian provinces. Interstate vehicles registered with IRP will pay pro-rated registration fees to the states traveled into, instead of paying full annual registration for each state.


How to Qualify for IRP

These are the simple requirements to register your IRP with Goldamity and get your apportioned plate, cab card and more!


How Goldamity helps with your IRP

Current IRP participants can elect Goldamity as their new IRP Authorized Agent. The following are the transactions available in our office:
California ifta

California IFTA Quarterly Returns

Filing your IFTA returns for your fuel tax is easy with our exclusive inhouse service. Our representatives will give you online access to your account, file your IFTA returns, and provide you the invoicing issued by CDTFA. If you are registering for the first time we can assist in getting you a temporary permit while you wait for your IFTA decals to be issued.
To File your IFTA Quarterly Returns we need the following:

Keep track of your miles and gallons using an electronic logging device (ELD), or receipts. Some truck drivers track the odometer reading of the truck entering and exiting each state, and gallons purchased in the state in a notebook. IFTA reports are required when you are renewing your IRP Apportioned Registration. Correct and accurate returns are important to prevent audits, penalties, interest fees, or incorrect registration fees. IFTA returns are due four (4) times a year.
Lets file your return today, it’s fast, easy, and available the same day.

FAQs about the International Registration Plan (IRP)

An IRP Account is beneficial to an interstate truck driver by saving them money on annual registration fees. Instead of paying an annual registration fee to each state you travel into, fees are consolidated into one registration per commercial vehicle.

New accounts can get approved and issued within 24-48 hours compared to the 30 day processing time it takes with other departments. Existing accounts can get approved in our system within 24-48 hours to make changes, and updates.

Interstate Motor carriers who operate a qualified motor vehicle to transport people or property should register for an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license. IFTA covers fuel taxes only. You must keep record of gallons purchased and states where purchase occurred. You are also required to keep a record of miles driven per trip.
Qualified motor vehicle has:
– 3 or more axles
– 2 axles and GVW of 26000 lbs or more
– Registered GVW of more than 26000 lbs

Yes. As an authorized agent we have access to the same system the DMV uses to process IRP.

Yes. Call our office for more information on the requirements.

IFTA returns are due quarterly throughout the year. Returns are still required even if no taxable miles are traveled during the quarter. Failure to file an IFTA return on time will result in penalties, and interest fees. A $50 penalty, or 10% of the tax liability will be added to all late returns. Operating a qualified motor vehicle without a valid IFTA license will result in a penalty, fine, or citation depending on the jurisdictions laws.

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It’s easy to get started, fill the form below for fast approval and issuance of your vehicle registration the same day! A representative will contact you to complete the process:

* DMV approval of a new/existing account may delay processing time. New/existing applicants who fail to submit required documents in a timely manner will also result in a delay in processing.

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